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Trench – here
Knit – here 
Shirt dress  – here
Shoes – By Far
Bag – Gucci
Long sleeve – here
Satin dress – here 
Shirt – here 
Boots – Vagabond
Sunnies – Supernormal

Post made in collaboration with APPRL x ARKET


Long time no see, but I hope you’ve all been keeping up with what’s been going on at instagram.
To sum it up, since the last time I posted here, I’ve finished my position at Munthe, started working for Villao, spent a lot of time travelling around Europe with dear friends and I man I call my boyfriend, who’m I was also lucky enough to have met since the last time I wrote here.
I have moved to another aparment, had a haircut, ran a half marathon and learned how to drive a scooter.
I’ve accomplished my new years resolution, to travel twelve times in 2018, as I have been to Stockholm, London(times three), North of England, Amsterdam, South of France(times two), Barcelona, Oslo, Malaga, Greece and Florence.
I’ve had an amazing summer, and though I wish nothing more than it would continue for eternity I’m ready to face to cold, litterally. I’ve stuck up on sweaters, both this huge alpaca turteneck that I’m basicly living in right now, and the thin merino wool blouses that’s perfect to style under my favorite summer dresses.
Happy almost autumn, enjoy the september sun and stay stylish!



Laura_Tønder-byEMST-13 Laura_Tønder-byEMST-2 Laura_Tønder-byEMST-29 Laura_Tønder-byEMST-5 Laura_Tønder-byEMST-30 Laura_Tønder-byEMST-18



Most of these pictures you’ve maybe already seen posted all over my instagram, but I just couldn’t help myself from posting them together as an editorial here on the blog to show how exstremely cool they turned out together as well as seperate.
We shot them a cosy saturday on SMK, Statens Museum for Kunst. The beautiful halls and the incredible lightning became the foundation for the first of many colabs between me and Emilia.
Hope you like it!



CHR_5416coco kopi CHR_5478coco CHR_5649coco 04


Post made in collaboration with Zadaa App


I was contacted by Sara from Zadaa a few months ago, she had seen my instagram profile and took the wild guess that I might have a quite large but also quite exciting wardrobe. I felt proud and intriegued by her introduction and we started talking about how we could collaborate. We decided to do a little wardrobe tour in my apartment in Copenhagen, so that the users of Zadaa could get a feeling of my personal style and so that you guys could look at some awesome print mix styling in some great shots. And also I would be a maniac to turn down the opportunity to be shot and afterwards able to share, photos done by Sienna.

Zadaa wants to create a network for super convinient,  transparent and stylish online secondhand shopping.
The platform is build up as an app, where you create a profile with information about your bodytype, height, age and geographics. From theese information you are put you in contact with girls with similar information. In that way you’ll be able to get a selected feed of items for sale in your size. And likewise able to sell your items further on to girls who will fit your clothes perfectly.
Zadaa has even made it really easy and cheap for you to ship the item, only 30 DKK in Denmark and 60 DKK to Finland. And only takes a 20% commison fee for selling your item, compared to other platforms where you’ll have up against 50% comission fee. The app also offers you a 100% payment garantee, as they are handling the payment from buyer to seller.
I’m still just testing the plaform and I’ve just added several items to my online store, and hopefully my loved pieces will find new homes!
If you are curious about the concept I suggest you check out their introduction video, and maybe just try and download the app and browse through all the really nice items up for sale. A little peek never hurt nobody, right?



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Sunglasses // VOGUE EYEWEAR
Jeans // ZARA
Shoes & Bag // BALENCIAGA

Where // COCKS & COWS


What’s the only solution to shitty weather, comfort food, and that’s why Maria and I celebrated a casual tuesday with cocktails & burgers in meatpacking.
Double up on fries, mayo, beef and both cocktails and a picthers, girls gotta eat to stay warm doing this snowstorm!




Dress & Tights – SISTER JANE


This amazing floral print caught my eye back in December, and I’ve just waited for the sun to shine through the dark winter cloud curtains and let the first feel of spring arrive, and allow my obsession with florals to reapear!